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Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Elegant Message Viewer Free v2.7 For BlackBerry [App Features Customizable Calling Screen, E-mail & SMS Popups Display On Top Of Any Screen With Message Displayed Along With The Sender & Subject, And Can Be Animated In 4 Ways: Slide, Fade, Zoom & Wipe! Message Popups App For BlackBerry “Customize Calling Screen & Preview Incoming SMS And Emails]

Now you can instantly preview incoming Email & SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click! Save time and effort by not having to navigate to your message folder for those Emails & SMS messages that are not important.

Message Popup App features customizable calling screen, e-mail and SMS popups display on top of any screen with message displayed along with the sender and subject.

Features include:
* Popups can be animated in 4 ways - Slide, Fade, Zoom and wipe
* Customizable calling screen
* Customizable Email and Message Popups
* Various animations for calling screen, SMS and email Popups
* Option to customize the time for the animation of a Popup
* You can also preview a Popup before saving the settings

To setup popups for phone calls, SMS and emails, go to Home Screen, Options, Message Popups and customize your settings. For OS 6.0 and above, go to Home Screen, Options, Third Party applications, Message popups.

Note : "Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : BlackBerry 5.0.0 or higher


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Hardi said...

linknya ga jalan pak, setelah login di appworld langsung keluar error, napa yah,.. ada ga link yg bisa dipakai untuk download filenya?

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