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Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Dream Sounds (Relax and sleep better) v2.1.474 For BlackBerry [Features: High Quality, Seamlessly Looped Sounds, Beautiful Photos Of Each Sound, Timer Function & Linear Fade Out Gently Changes Sound Volume While You Drift Off To Sleep! Relaxing Sounds To Help You Sleep, Meditate And De-stress]

**IMPORTANT** Please connect to Wi-Fi before running the app to ensure you get all your free downloads. There are 4 in total, plus you get 1 free credit to spend on any sound in the Dream Sounds shop. If any of the free downloads fail (e.g. due to poor internet connection), just go to the shop and choose the free sound, then 'Download'.

Each sound has been professionally mastered and seamlessly looped to create a perfect audio environment for relaxation and sleep.

*New for version 2*
- Dream Sounds is now free to download!
- Free sounds are automatically downloaded into the app on first run
- You also get one free sound credit to spend on any soundscape you like in the new Dream Sounds shop
- Lots of new sounds added
- Descriptions of each sound have been added, helping you to imagine the soundscape even better

Available soundscapes:
* Amazon Jungle - Listen to the forest come alive with insects, crickets and tree frogs
* City Noise - Let the sounds of Tokyo city at night gently lull you to sleep.
* Formula 1 - Onboard recording of a Formula 1 car doing a flying lap at the Bahrain Grand Prix
* Waterfall - Lounge by this beautiful waterfall and let your stress wash away. Perfect for Tinnitus sufferers.
* Wind Chimes - Imagine yourself in a Thai temple, with a gentle wind blowing through these long tubular chimes.

Plus many more available from the Dream Sounds shop, including rain, thunder storm, train, babbling stream, vaccuum cleaner, howling gale and white noise to really block out the outside world.

* High quality, seamlessly looped sounds
* Beautiful photos of each sound
* Timer function
* Linear fade out gently changes sound volume while you drift off to sleep

Dream Sounds has been proven to help children sleep as well. Just choose a sound and set the timer to help your little one calm down before going to sleep.

Dream Sounds helps you create the perfect ambiance, whether you want to go to sleep, block out noise or just chill out for a while.

For any questions, feedback or support contact

Note : "Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : BlackBerry 5.0.0 or higher



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