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Jumat, 05 April 2013

Paint Color Cheat Sheets "Painting, Diy Home Improvement, Decorating" [Tired Of Choosing Paint Colors The Hard Way And Paying For Color Mistakes? Want A Faster And Easier Way To Find The Right Paint Color?]

Does This Sound Like You?
* You get easily overwhelmed by thousands of paint color choices out there and don’t know where to start
* You can’t make up your mind, because a lot of the colors look the same to you, and you don’t know which one is right
* You don’t understand why you have to go through all that trouble when all you need is a "simple" beige/gold/green/blue/etc - shouldn’t there be an easier way?
* You feel like you spend more time choosing and stressing out over the paint colors than actually enjoying them
* You want a beautiful, tasteful home, but can’t afford to hire a color consultant
* You hate it when the color that looked perfect on a swatch turns out totally different and all wrong on the walls
* You would like to try something new, but afraid to make a mistake - so you keep living with the same wall colors all your life
* You are tired of buying paint color samples by the dozen and all that endless sampling that leads nowhere
* Your husband is starting to lose his patience and wants to know why it's taking you so long to pick a color, and when you will stop wasting money on the samples?
Then Let’s Talk...!!


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