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Jumat, 05 April 2013

Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4 [The Ultimate Graphics Collection... 30 Modules Of Premium Quality And Original Graphics Tools]

This "Marketing Graphics Toolkit" V4 package consists of some very best tools and templates that are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers. These tools and templates will add some KILLER visual flair to all your websites, blogs and even WSO's.
You Can Use This Package With Or Without Photoshop!
There are 30 different modules in this package, and 17 of them are dedicated specifically to Web-Ready files in PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. These web-ready files don't need any special program at all, and you can simply copy and paste them into your existing websites, blogs or any other projects. Or if you want to edit them, you can do that using ANY graphics editor (even MS paint).
Then there are 3 modules that are HTML based and require some basic HTML skills.
There are only 7 (out of 30) modules that do require either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, the rest can be used without.
And ALL of the modules come with source layered PSD files (so if you do have Photoshop, and you want to edit and customize the graphics further... you can).
And to make it esier for you to see what requires photoshop or not, I've added icons to each module name below that say what type of files you will get.
There is something in this package for everyone... even if you're a design newbie or pro, and either if you have Photoshop or you don't. You will fnd a TON of value here either way.
With these things said let me show you exactly what you get...


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