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Jumat, 05 April 2013

All The Internet Marketing Gurus Say “BUILD A LIST” - Now Do It Soooo Quickly And Easily, Your Visitors Sign Up Before They Know It!

What If You Could… Quickly And Easily…
* Add An Optin Form with a “lightbox” (a popup with the background darkened, so that all your visitor sees is your Optin Offer, so they either have to subscribe or dismiss your form in order to see the page underneath…)
* Have a Footer Bar or Header Bar Opt-In Form — especially if you want to attract the visitor’s attention, but not hit them with an “in your face” popup requiring them to take action.
* Display hidden content: Rarely seen outside of expensive WordPress membership software, but you can have it — get your visitors salivating to see more, and show it to them after they’ve opted in.
* Subscribe on commenting: Get the ideal subscribers — those folks already commenting on your blog … this makes it super simple for them to do— all they have to do is click a checkbox…
* Subscribe on registration: Not something most blogs offer, but if you offer user registration, why not make it so it adds them to your email list (the one of your choosing, of course!)
* Put a “Subscribe” Box In All Your Posts: Hey, a sweet, quiet, simple request for them to signup to your email list to get more … you just gave them great content, show them how to keep getting more…
* Put a “Subscribe” Box In Particular Posts…(shhhh…remember the “Get The Rest Of This” from the Optin statistics above? He split a great post into two, kept the first half in the post and the second half in a pdf. The visitor had to opt-in to the subscribe form in the post to get the second half.)
* Create a “Cascade” of Exit Popups…under precise “fighter pilot” control…each popup with its own content, each sending the user to a unique URL…and you can add the “cascade” to all your pages or any of your pages…you choose…!
* Put Your “Subscribe” Form anywhere you want on your WordPress blog…
* Mix’n’Match all of the above to your heart’s content…
And Of Course… Does everything that you would expect…
* Unlimited Optins: Have As Many Optin forms as you need or want, of whatever type you’d like (This means NOT just as many forms as you’d like, but as many different email lists as you’d like!)
* Works With ANY Email Service Provider: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Turbo AutoResponder, Google Feedburner…or even software you’ve rolled on your own …
* Compatible With All Modern Browsers: whether you, or your visitor, use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or the latest version of Firefox — or Opera or Safari…
And Not Just That… Also get…
* Facebook Connectivity — .tempt your visitor with an offer and add a facebook connect button. The visitor clicks this button to connect with you, and they are automagically added to your email list. How cool is that?
* Analytics! — And, no, not a bunch of statistics that you need to have a Ph.D. to figure out. Something simple yet useful — see how well each of your subscribe forms is doing so you can quickly take action on any poor performers — and leverage your best performers…
* “Smorgasbord” flexibility — you can add popups and forms just about anywhere — your imagination is the limit.
- Want a particular popup on just the posts in one category? DONE!
- Want it add a webpage to your popup? DONE!
- Want to add a countdown timer and have the popup disappear when it reaches zero? DONE!
And … there’s even more ….? So…what are we talking about?



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peter zmijewski said...

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