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Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

BorderWarLineOfControl v1.0 Game For BlackBerry [Protect Your Borders With A New Age Weapon, A Super Cannon & Use The Tank And Shoot Down Invading Parasoldiers, Air Raiders, Plasma Bombers And Plasma Bombs! Its An Arcade Classic Game For BlackBerry]

Border War Line Of Control is the modern day rendition of an arcade classic. Protect your borders with a new age weapon, a super cannon.

The enemy has decided to destroy this tank and invade your borders. Use the tank and shoot down invading Parasoldiers, Air Raiders, Plasma Bombers and Plasma bombs.

The game ends if 4 parasoldiers land on either side of the cannon or if the cannon is bombed by the bombers.

Get ready to protect your borders with a new age weapon, the super tank!

Note : “Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : BlackBerry 4.5.0 or higher



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