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Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Alien Devastation v1.4 Game For BlackBerry PlayBook [Your Mission Is To Destroy All Life You Find, In The Planets Of The Galaxy & You Has Several Types Of Attack “UFOS With Laser or Shots, The Laser Of Your Mothership And Kamikazes UFOS”! It’s An Original Game That For Once You Take Control Of The Aliens]

Alien Devastation is an original game that for once you take control of the Aliens.
Your mission is to destroy all life you find, in the planets of the galaxy. You has several types of attack: UFOS with laser or shots, the laser of your Mothership and Kamikazes UFOS . On each planet you wipe, you receive an improvement in any of these attacks, or you can also choose lower recharge time for your attacks, or   increase the damage of your UFOS  or mothership. Choose well these improvements!

Game Features:
-4 Different types of attacks, that you can improve.
-Many planets to devastate
-Wide range of enemies/bugs to kill
-Nice UFOs, bugs and planets graphics.
-Great gameplay, easy to learn
-Ascending Difficulty;  the early stages are easy, and will gradually complicating
-It's Free!

Alien Devastation is a mixture of arcade games, spaceship games, strategy games and casual games: you can play whenever you want, quit and go at any time, your progress will be saved if you exit the game.
When you have  powerful weapons (its a shooter game! ) game development will be fast, you can even do it again back is the stages you've already done.

Your mission is to destroy all the bugs of each planet with 4 types of attacks:

-Laser-UFOS: use a laser that fires often. It is the first icon above. Click the icon to activate it first, then click on the sky to launch a UFO.

-Shooting-UFOS: launches missiles tp the ground. It is the second icon. Click the icon to activate it first, then click on the sky to launch a UFO.

-Mothership Laser: simply click to launch the third icon. Your Mothership launches a Laser that will eliminate the bugs that come into contact with it.

-Kamikaze-UFOS: Click once on the fourth icon to launch a Kamikaze UFO to the sky. It will remain in sky until you click on the ground, and will shoot it to explode causing damage to all creatures that caught nearby.

Each time you use an attack, you must wait for this to fully charge to use it again. If you had already selected, do not need to click again on the same icon to launch an UFO to the sky.

Each time you finish a stage, you can choose an upgrade to your attacks. Improvements of the 4 attacks made ​​stronger each time.
You can also choose to decrease the recharge time of each attack, increase the damage points of your Mothership or UFOS.

Tips and tricks:

-At first, in the first 3 stages,  choose 3 other types of attack: UFO shots, Mothership Laser, or UFO Kamikaze.

-Take advantage of your Mothership Laser whenever you can, it is the most powerful attack.

-If you can not finish a stage, go to previous easier stages and increases the damage that your Mothership can receive by selecting the icon from the center of the bottom row.

-Always put your UFOS above bugs shots to avoid impact on your Mothership

-Use the Kamikaze UFOS to form a barrier under your Mothership, leave them in the sky without launching to the ground to avoid the shots of the bugs reaching your Mothership.

-Use the improvement of more damage to your UFOS, only in advanced stages, when you see that they're destroyed by the missiles of the bugs

Note : “Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : BlackBerry Tablet 2.0.0 or higher



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