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Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 For Windows [It Makes It Easy To Edit And Create Using Automated Options & Make Flawed Photos Phenomenal With A Brush Stroke, Create Perfect Group Shots, And Easily Add Patterns And Effects! Tell Your Stories In Unique Printed Creations And Online Albums, Share Photos With Your Social Network, And View Photos Virtually Anywhere You Are]

Product Description:
Turn everyday memories into sensational photos you'll cherish forever. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10--the newest version of the #1 consumer photo-editing software--makes it easy to edit and create using automated options. Make flawed photos phenomenal with a brush stroke, create perfect group shots, and easily add patterns and effects. Tell your stories in unique printed creations and Online Albums, share photos with your social network, and view photos virtually anywhere you are.

1.) Choose a Trusted Solution:
Bring your photos to life with a powerful solution from the makers of Adobe Photoshop software, the professional standard for image editing.

2.) Do It All With One Powerful Yet Simple Product:
Use Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 software for all your photo needs. Edit, enhance, and find photos; make custom creations; share via print, the web, and mobile devices; help protect photos; and view photos virtually anywhere you are.

3.) Enjoy Your Photos on the Go:
Easily share your photos with your social network and view photos virtually anywhere you are. Photos are synced between your desktop and devices so you see the same ones at home and on the go.

4.) Easily Find All Your Photos and Video Clips:
Easily find all your media in the convenient Organizer. Use automated options to find your best photos and clips--or photos of specific things and people. Then dive into a range of creative activities and start enjoying your memories.

5.) Go From Flawed to Phenomenal in Seconds:
Use one-step shortcuts to whiten teeth; make skies bluer; and fix color, contrast, and lighting--and then choose the best result from a group of adjustment previews. Instantly unclutter photos, and use crop guides to improve composition.

6.) Dramatically Transform Your Photos With Easy-to-Use Options:
Enhance specific areas of your photos with brush-on effects, including 30 all-new options. Convert your color originals to elegant, nuanced black-and-whites, or use color curves adjustments to get the perfect exposure.

7.) Count on Step-by-Step Assistance:
Want to easily fix a scratch, simulate depth of field, or design a scrapbook page? Use Guided Edits to get help with key steps so you can get the results you want fast.

8.) Easily Create the Perfect Photo:
Take advantage of amazing Photomerge technology to easily match the style of one photo to another; create fuller panoramas, perfectly lit shots, and great group shots; and combine elements of different faces for entertaining results.

9.) Get Creative Inspiration:
Bring your ideas to life with relevant how-tos that appear just when you need them. New how-tos help you explore creative possibilities.

10.) Share Experiences in Fresh, Exciting Ways on the Web:
Show off your photos and videos in one-of-a-kind, interactive Online Albums with your choice of animated templates. Share them in public or private galleries--friends and family won't have to register to look.

11.) Show off Your Creativity With Flexible Layouts:
Make scrapbook pages, cards, and more in minutes using professionally designed templates, or customize every aspect of your creations. Get fun, fresh looks with new artwork and templates.

New in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10:

* Paint Effects Onto Specific Photo Areas:
Simply paint on 1 of 100 effects and patterns, including 30 new options, to enhance areas of your photos. New effects include Snow, Pencil Sketch, and Oil Pastel.

* Easily Create Stunning Photo Effects:
Use new Guided Edits for step-by-step assistance when you want to highlight your subject by simulating depth of field, add a diffuse glow to create a dreamlike Orton Effect, or break a photo up into a fun collage of snapshots.

* Add Curving, Flowing Text:
Give photos or creations added flair with text that curves or flows any way you wish.

* Tag Faster Using Your Facebook Friends List:
Use your Facebook Friends list to quickly tag faces in your photos and easily share them on Facebook.

* Find Photos That Contain Specific Objects:
Want to find shots that include your surfboard, your grandma's house, or the Eiffel Tower? Let Object Search automatically find your photos based on what's in them.

* Get Better Composition With Crop Guides:
Make any photo more interesting or energetic using new crop guides. Choose either the Rule of Thirds or Golden Ratio option to create the best composition for your photo.

* Easily Manage Even the Biggest Photo Library:
Let Photoshop Elements automatically detect duplicate or nearduplicate photos so you can quickly group them or delete the ones you don't need. And count on improved search to find photos that have common content and color characteristics.

* Get Fresh Looks With New Templates:
Impress friends and family by sharing photos in eye-catching new templates for printed photo creations and Online Albums.

* Save Photo Creations With Greater Flexibility:
Enjoy the flexibility to print, upload, and share your photo creations just about anywhere thanks to the ability to save to JPEG and PDF file formats.

* Upload to YouTube:
Upload your video clips to YouTube directly from the Organizer.

System Requirements:
* 1.6GHz or faster processor (including single-core support)
* Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
* 1GB of RAM (2GB for HD video functions)
* 4GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation)
* Color monitor with 16-bit color video card
* 1024x576 display resolution
* Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible display driver
* Internet connection required for Internet-based services

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