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Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Screen Grabber™ (Capture App) Free v2.870 For BlackBerry [It’s A Flexible Screen Capture App That Lets You Share Your BlackBerry® Screen Shots With Anyone “Simple, Easy & Useful”, Now With BBM™ Integration, SMS, Twitter & FB]

JaredCo delivers again with Screen Grabber – the totally flexible screen capture app that lets you share your BlackBerry® screen shots with anyone. Simple. Easy. Useful.  Now with BBM™ Integration / SMS / Twitter / FB. Send your Screen Grabs to your BBM™ contacts (requires BBM™ 6.0).

Screen Grabber is the only capture utility that can send your grab by SMS / Text Message.

** The default setting will make create a small size file with good quality.  If you need a higher quality image just go into Setting and tick that option.

Screen Grabber is the only app that has no ads, no nagging for upgrades, no watermarks, no annoying sounds that lets you text, email, BBM, post to Facebook and Tweet your screen grabs.

- No Watermarks
- No constant nagging to upgrade.
- No Ads
- No Sounds

With Screen Grabber, send a map or directions to your best friend, or send your icon screen with a couple of clicks to share with family and friends. There’s nothing quite like Screen Grabber and free is always good. Real good.

• With a single click take a screen shot of your BlackBerry® screen. Tap. Done.

• Set your Convenience Key to Screen Grabber for quick access.

• Email that screen shot to anyone, anywhere, any time. JaredCo makes sharing simple.

• Unlike other screen shot apps, Screen Grabber saves the screen shot image in a small size making it easier to email and to save.

• Screen Grabber stores all your screen captures in a new picture file called Screen Grabs. Want to see your contacts list from a month ago? Easy. If you grabbed a screen shot of that important client’s phone number, it’s in the file labeled Screen Grabs, right where we put it for you.

• Organize your BlackBerry®  Screen Grabs in a single place – one folder holds it all  in an “at-a-glance” format.

• So simple to synch, Screen Grabber does it all for you. Download and you’re good to go. 

App icons, maps, tools, contacts, addresses – JaredCo’s Screen Grabber makes it a snap to grab a screen shot, send it or store it for use down the line.

And best of all, Screen Grabber is totally free so it costs you zip. But, like all JaredCo apps, it delivers real functionality that enhances your BlackBerry® experience.

Note : "Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : BlackBerry  4.5.0 or higher



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