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Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

Chinese Input v1.3 For BlackBerry PlayBook [This App Allows You To Use Cangjie, Quick And Pinyin Offline On Your BlackBerry® PlayBook™, It Mimics The Word Selection List In Windows As Much As Possible To Give You A Familiar Experience During Input]

BlackBerry® PlayBook™  does not come with Chinese input by default, so it is difficult to type Chinese without getting online.

This app allows you to use Cangjie, Quick and Pinyin offline on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™, and is designed specially for BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

It mimics the word selection list in Windows as much as possible to give you a familiar experience during input.

Most importantly, it is FREE! Install now to give your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ a usability boost!

The source code list is not perfect, so despite efforts put into fixing some codes, it is possible that some characters cannot be typed in. Please contact me if you believe you find some code errors so I can fix them as soon as possible.

- Support for pinyin (Simplified Chinese) added.
- Added copy to clipboard button
- Fixed pinyin input of some characters (e.g. NV)
- Increased font size a bit
- Added English input mode
- Changed to multiline input (IMPORTANT: Please upgrade your Playbook OS to the latest version, or disable keyboard prediction in settings. Otherwise, the program will not work.)

Note : "Use Your BlackBerry App World ID or Devices To Download”

Supported : Blackberry Tablet 1.0.7 or higher

Download : Chinese Input v1.3



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